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Consulting Services

Ova Yonder can support with policy review, strategic planning, and leadership guidance. 


Intensive Workshops

Ova Yonder is able to provide virtual and in-person professional development for your designated participants. Sessions can be planned for children (ages 5-18) and adults. 


Equity Audit

Ova Yonder can provide an intensive, comprehensive equity audit comprised of interviews (group and individuals) for participants of your choosing. 


Leadership Coaching

Ova Yonder will be able to assign your chief executive and other managers a coach to help navigate tricky and sticky scenarios that threaten the inclusive environment that you are trying to create. 

What We Offer

What We Offer 

Our Beliefs
  1. Every organization has room for growth in diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.; it is a journey, not a destination. 

  2. An organization's value of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access is heavily contingent on the senior leadership's beliefs and actions.

  3. We must first become aware, acknowledge, assess, and then act. It's a process. 

  4. If staff feel valued and seen, productivity and effectiveness will be positively impacted. 

ChrisFrills Headshot_edited.png
About me

Chris Frills is our Founder and CEO. Chris believes deeply that every organization that exists on behalf of children requires a critical lens to ensure that the staff and the children experience an inclusive space regardless of their race, social economic status, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, housing status or any other parts of their identity. 

As the leader of Ova Yonder, Chris thrives off the possibility to help create inclusive spaces and partnering with others to do so. 



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