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Consulting Services

At Ova Yonder, we are passionate about ensuring that organizations have the lens for an inclusive work place for staff and the children that partake in the programming provided. With that, we offer supporting in a few areas that are high leverage in helping close the gaps that may exist. 

Strategic planning: Each organization's strategic plan should have diversity, equity, inclusion, and access efforts. Ova Yonder is able to provide support in identifying those efforts, the scope of the work and reasonable timelines. Additionally, Ova Yonder is able to share potential action plans to ensure effective results for the diversity, equity, inclusion, and access effort of your organization's strategic plan. 

Equity Offer Support: When operating with a vacancy in roles like COO and a director of Human Resources, organizations search for external support to fill the gaps that may exist. This service is similar in that regard. Your organization can hire Ova Yonder to support in ensuring that there are no gaps in the absence of your equity offer. 

Policy Review: Policies drive a lot for an organization, no matter how big or small. Those polices have the potential to have a major and positive impact on the workplace experience for all employees. Ova Yonder is able to review policies to identify areas in which diversity, equity, inclusion, and access may be threatened. Once reviewed, Ova Yonder can provide a summary and recommendations for next steps to address the potential gaps. 

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